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Healthcare facilities in Tallahassee generally have very long wait times and don’t have the service that individuals need. Our goal is to come up with a way to inform individuals how long it would take them at each healthcare facility in the Tallahassee area and let people know if the healthcare facility provides the service that they need

We have concluded that most people encounter long wait times, limited services and staff, unacceptable insurance, lack of information, and unenjoyable experiences when attending a Tallahassee healthcare facility.

We have also learned that many people think that they would benefit from an app that displayed all the services, wait times, insurance accepted, and staff available at all Tallahassee healthcare facilities.

This would allow people to have more enjoyable experiences because people would be able to make appointments and show up at their scheduled time. People also said they would have had a more enjoyable experience if they knew all the services available ahead of time so they knew what to expect.

Our chosen solution is an app that encompasses insurance, location, medical conditions and waits times. The app will display all of the accepted insurance providers and how much the service needed would be with or without insurance.

The location aspect will show all of the Tallahassee healthcare facilities available in the area. It will also provide directions on how to get to the facility from your current location. The medical condition aspect will show all of your previous medical conditions and the medicines that you have taken.

This way it is easier for the doctor or nurse to evaluate your chart ahead of time in order to ensure a shorter wait time for when you arrive. The wait time aspect will allow you to make an appointment ahead of time so that you do not have to wait a long time at the healthcare facility. This feature will also notify you if the doctor or nurse is running early or late for your appointment.

Tallahassee residents benefit from saving time and receiving efficient healthcare. Their cost would be the price that they pay for the service needed and their time invested. The medical staff benefits by upholding their reputation and caring for people in need.

The cost of their services is also their time invested. Insurance agencies benefit from the money that they receive, and their cost is the time that they spend updating everyone’s files. Healthcare facilities benefit from the patients that receive care from their locations. They receive money and exposure to different patients. Their cost is the ability to run their facility.

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